Friday, April 20, 2018

ANZAC Day 2018

All Whitireia campus libraries will be closed for ANZAC Day Wed 25 April 2018

ANZAC Day 2018 in Wellington Region (from Eventfinda)

From Eventfinda

In the spirit of ANZAC, we've put together a list of ANZAC Day events, with a sole purpose of honouring our fallen men and women and remembering their courage, sacrifice and selflessness that transcend throughout generations. In this notable day of remembrance, Kiwis and Australians are together in commemoration.

Lest we forget.

Wed 25 Apr 5:45am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wainuiomata Memorial Hall, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region
Wed 25 Apr 6:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 6:30am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 7:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Taita Lawn Cemetery, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region
Wed 25 Apr 8:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Ballinger Park, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region
Wed 25 Apr 9:40am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 9:45am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Old St Paul's, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 10:00am / Natural History

The Salvation Army, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 10:00am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Scott Court, Lower Hutt
Wed 25 Apr 10:30am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Wed 25 Apr 10:30am / Commemorations, Ceremonies

Waikanae Club, Waikanae
Wed 25 Apr 11:00am / Social & Political History
Island Bay School, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 12:00pm / Alumni, Associations, Clubs

Golder Cottage, Upper Hutt
Wed 25 Apr 1:30pm / Museums

Challenge 2000, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 2:00pm / Commemorations, Ceremonies

St Mary of the Angels, Wellington
Wed 25 Apr 4:00pm / Classical Music

Sat 28 Apr 2:00pm / Variety Concerts

For more about ANZAC Day look here

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Porirua Campus Hours

Please see below for our now 'all year long' hours
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